• Updated components: libxml2, freetype, fontconfig, harfbuzz.
  • Fixed high probability of crash when switching subtitles in the time of video playback.
  • Fixed search of fonts on Windows XP.
  • Fixed dynamic connection of additional fonts by adding the attachment.
  • Fixed sorting languages alphabetically.
  • Fixed resampler DVD and BD subtitles to the current size of the video frame.
  • Enhanced quality scaling of bitmap subtitles.
  • Added auto-fix yellow / black palette to DVD subtitle.
  • On the info tab added option to show unknown fields of meta data.
  • An experimental removed auto-limitation of the format to YUV420P for Unlimited presets.

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Starting from build 7.0.339 in the program XviD4PSP added new interesting feature – you can test encoding speed of system and compare it with other results in the online database. Previously, this functionality was present in my old program W.E.S.T. – Winnydows Encoding Speed Test.
Encoding speed test can be found in the top menu Tools.
After the test is completed, the result will be automatically uploaded to the online base.
Start testing now!