XviD4PSP 8.1 for macOS/Windows/Linux:
A program for convenient and high-quality video and audio conversion.
Completely new version.
It does not depend on system codecs and any system components – everything is inside.
Does not require installation.
It works independently of versions 5/6/7/8.0.

Minimal requirements to system (version 8.1):
macOS 10.11+.
Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit.
Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

Minimal requirements to system (version 8.0):
macOS 10.9+.
Windows Vista/7/8/10/11.
Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

Import formats:
Almost any input format.

Export formats:

Device presets:
Sony: PSP, PS3, Ericsson K610, Ericsson K800.
Apple: iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMovie iOS.
Nokia: Nokia N8, Nokia N900, Nokia 5700, Nokia S60v5, Nokia X6.
Другие: Xbox 360, YouTube, DVD Player SD, DVD Player HD, iRiver Clix 2, HTC Touch Diamond 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 1010, Archos 5G, BlackBerry 8100, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8830, LG Prada, Motorola K1 and many other devices.

Advantages of 8.1 over version 8.0:
The program is completely rewritten in the most modern language — Swift.
For Windows systems, the program is based on native MSVC components.
Can detect and invert Telecine (IVTC).
The opening of DVDs has been accelerated.
Improved definition of DVD subtitles starting far from the beginning of the disc.
Each filter now works in a separate thread, which in turn significantly speeds up coding using a large number of filters.
Improved work with HTTPS sources of meta-information.
Added multi-line editing of text fields.
Added support for WEBP images.
Added activation management.
Added a noise control filter.
Added video creation from a sequence of images.
Fixed multi-pass encoding with the AVC1 codec.
Full support for working with exceptions.
You can now disable updates regardless of the status of the program.
Hardware decoding support is implemented.

Advantages of 8.0 over version 7.0:
The program has been completely rewritten using the latest technologies.
Based on the updated coding core.
Added support for working with HDR.
Saving and loading tasks.
Ultra fast log without loss of speed independent of the number of messages.
The log is always saved even when the program crashes.
Added more types of deinterlace.
Tasks can now be dragged with the mouse on all platforms.
A completely new and flexible Metadata tab.
The preview is now able to show the volume pattern.
Unified management of filters and streams.
A new, faster and more reliable update system.
Ultra fast interface.
Native view on all platforms.
Support for working with the macOS Mojave dark theme.
Now it also works on Linux.
Can decode video with variable frame size.
It is able to limit the load on the processor.
Can encode video with hardware codecs: VideoToolbox, NVENC.
Can open and encode VapourSynth scripts.
More complete settings for XviD, x265 codecs.
Can change the location of the media stream.
The frame rate filter can create VFR and interpolate intermediate frames.
The encoding speed test allows you to test the encoding speed of a video card.

Advantages of 7.0 over version 6.0:
It does not have any dependencies and does not require installation – it works on a bare system.
It works not only on Windows, but also on Mac.
The latest versions of encoders and decoders.
Reads and decodes more formats and codecs.
More encoders: x262, x264 10-bit, x265, high-quality AAC-HE/LC codec.
The x26X codec family can accept any settings via the CLI interface.
Can do 2X deinterlace without loss of smoothness and in different ways.
More deinterlace filters.
Processes interlace rollers without loss of quality and interlace.
Knows how to work with metadata.
Can download meta data about a file/movie/series from the Internet.
You can transfer metadata from one file to another.
You can add/remove covers.
You can add attachments.
Can work with bookmarks – copying, creating, parsing, exporting.
A separate and more accurate engine for reading BluRay and DVD.
Perfect synchronization when working with BluRay consisting of a large number of chunks.
Copes better with copying – does not spoil the smoothness and copies more types of streams.
Can copy using a decoder (Smart mode) – accurate recovery of damaged or crooked timecodes.
It has flexible step presets for codecs.
It can combine different types of files.
It can dynamically analyze the compression quality with any PSNR codec and SSIM metrics.
If there is a source code, it can analyze the quality in already transcoded files.
Changes to filter settings dynamically modify the format preset.
You can slice one or more files by multiple crop points.
Can digest more file types and decode more rare codecs.
Contains more information scanners – compressibility, GOP, bitrate, etc.
Full support for working with subtitles.

Advantages of 6.0 over version 5.0:
Does not depend on system codecs.
With each new update, you get the latest versions of codecs.
More compact program size.
More convenient batch processing.
Significantly faster work with files.
You can create a preset format for your device yourself.
More settings for the x264 codec.
Quick volume scan.
A quick scan of the interlace.
The widest range of formats and codecs for output (so far only proven ones have been unlocked).
Supports multiple audio tracks.
You can stop encoding at any time and get a 100% working file.
Quick real-time preview for all filters.
Visual crop.
A quick autocrop with an analysis of the entire movie.
Predictable result.
Working with text subtitles.
Allows you to translate the program into your native language yourself.
More formats for output.
The transition to the preview by key and by regular frames.
Works when UAC is enabled.
Works with network drives.
Does not create temporary files.
Can be run without installing dependencies and bypassing system damage – PORTABLE build.
Supports Unicode paths.
Can quickly do visual scanning of the interleace.
Can draw spectrograms for audio tracks.
It is able to show the result of downmix and channel remap in real time.
It has a built-in media player that does not require the installation of codecs.
The installer can download and install all the necessary dependencies by itself.

Why 7.0 is more compact than 5.0:
6.0 and 7.0 does not include any foreign programs – only lib components that take up ten times less space, since they do not duplicate pieces of code, do not contain a GUI and are compiled into a single core. At the same time, the internal potential of the 7th version is several times higher than that of the 5th – full control over all processes – practically unlimited ability to develop.