If you like my programs and projects you can make donations and help promote Winnydows projects in several ways:

Note: for purchase XviD4PSP PRO status and auto activation, donation must be done from application menu Purchase PRO.

If you have problems with the activation of the PRO-status, write to me in skype / telegram: winnydows.

13 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I am trying pay some days by VISA card but everytime I try I get the same error:
    Something went wrong
    Looks like we’ve had a technical error. Please try again.
    What to do?

  2. Dear Admin,

    after update from 8.0.60 to 8.0.62 software hang when you forward or rewind the loaded item.

    kindly check


  3. Avatar BeardedBestial on 28 May, 2019 at 20:41 said:

    Hello. I recently had to reset my computer and lost the XVID4PSP program and it won’t allow me to re-install it from the website. Could you re-send it to me? I still have my user key.

  4. What payment options for Brazil?
    I do not have an international card for paypal.
    you accept neteller

  5. Как прочитать весь текст сообщения? У меня видна только эта часть: winnydows к записи Пожертвования 994 это сумма которая прийдет мне (зависит от разных факторов), но с вашего счета снимется 999р. Можно и напрямую на…

  6. И еще вопрос. После перечисления денежных средств я могу пользоваться разными версиями программ как 7 так и 8, или только обновлёнными?

  7. Оплатил, обновилось

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