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Note: for purchase XviD4PSP PRO status and auto activation, donation must be done from application menu Purchase PRO.

If you have problems with the activation of the PRO-status, write to me in skype / telegram: winnydows.

69 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I am trying pay some days by VISA card but everytime I try I get the same error:
    Something went wrong
    Looks like we’ve had a technical error. Please try again.
    What to do?

  2. Dear Admin,

    after update from 8.0.60 to 8.0.62 software hang when you forward or rewind the loaded item.

    kindly check


  3. BeardedBestial on 28 May, 2019 at 20:41 said:

    Hello. I recently had to reset my computer and lost the XVID4PSP program and it won’t allow me to re-install it from the website. Could you re-send it to me? I still have my user key.

  4. What payment options for Brazil?
    I do not have an international card for paypal.
    you accept neteller

  5. Как прочитать весь текст сообщения? У меня видна только эта часть: winnydows к записи Пожертвования 994 это сумма которая прийдет мне (зависит от разных факторов), но с вашего счета снимется 999р. Можно и напрямую на…

  6. И еще вопрос. После перечисления денежных средств я могу пользоваться разными версиями программ как 7 так и 8, или только обновлёнными?

    • Смотря для какой версии было пожертвование – это два разных направления.

  7. Оплатил, обновилось

  8. Hello,
    two things:
    – Living in Austria. Tried every payment method . Always errors. Very frustrating.
    – Almost all dialogues _on this site_ and payment methods are in Russian. That is not helpful, seeing that the app is mostly in English.
    I’d decided to go for the PRO version but payment not working… 🙁
    Seems, I am site admin now, here, on, having registered just now?
    I’d rather not be!
    Please check my user’s permissions.

    Please let me know how to get PRO, preferably via PayPal.

  9. Hello @winnydows,
    indeed, nothing wrong with PayPal, on the contrary, but it didn’t work the other day.
    Just tried again and now the message tells me I shall wait for the invoice in my PayPal account.
    Never had that before…
    So, keeping fingers crossed. 🙂

  10. Hi there,
    I do reckon your program Xvid4PSP is by far the best. I am keen to pay but I am not confident giving my credit card details. Could we sort out a way of payment that would suit me or is it only the option available (and the related web sites) ???
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • All payments is web secure – work in systems side, in your case on PayPal web page and only PayPal knows any info about card.

    • Create PayPal request from app, I create PP invoice for you – then all operations will be outside program – your mail client and web client.

      • Hiya,
        OK thanks for the piece of info. I will consider creating a PayPal account then and will keep you posted.
        Cheers then
        Bye for now

  11. Hello, I just sent 499 rub from my paypal. When can I use Xvid4psp? v8 was out… so I downloaded v7. It’s fine as right when I use it? Please, how can I use xvid4psp after sending my money?

  12. Okay, I hope I will see good reply from you. Can’t wait to use xvid ♥

    • 7.0 activated just when you donated (+ 10 min delay), but you still don’t start 7.0 version after activation PRO status. Just restart 7.0 version. If be some reason program not auto activated, just check your email – copy of key may be in spam or junk for gmail accounts. Find me in Skype or telegram (winnydows) if still can’t activate program after this actions.

  13. День добрый! Хочу пожертвовать на 8 версию,но не заю,как оплатить,через Pay Pal подскажите пожалуйста…

  14. Ну все! Оплатила! Получилось! А теперь…где взять ключ к 8 версии?

    • Спасибо за поддержку. Я вижу всё получилось?
      Копия ключа прийдёт на почту – понадобится только при повторной активации. Обратите внимание что ключ может попасть в спам – видимо реакция на вложение. В случае если не можете найти копию ключа в письмах, то можно просто взять его из программы – топ меню PRO.

  15. Abdul Jabar on 16 Sep, 2019 at 17:12 said:

    I’m using Version 5 for God know how many years. This is the best encoder available.Thanks for adding HEVC encoding. But now I got problem with 4k HDR to SDR conversion.Please update and add madvr player,customize tonemapping,white balance and color balance features.

    • What kind of problems? Few days ago convert HDR to SDR without any problems. All supported options for filter in the app.
      Add madvr player? XviD4PSP not a DirectShow application and even not a player.
      White balance will be. Can add in in next update.

  16. Luke_The_Ripper on 21 Sep, 2019 at 16:15 said:

    Quick question, I’m from Poland, I wanted to purchase Pro for ver. 7, but don’t have Paypal or international credit card. Can I still somehow buy it?
    Or is it possible for a friend who has Paypal to help me? Is it done though activation code or would it automatically work only for their email? Sorry if I’m asking stupid questions, I’m not used to this sort of stuff.

    • Create PayPal request from your system, but with email of your friend. When friend make payment for invoice, then program on your system will be auto activated.
      Don’t forget make copy of user.key for next time activation – top menu PRO helps you in this case.

      • Luke_The_Ripper on 23 Sep, 2019 at 21:32 said:

        In the meantime I got a friend with a credit card (Visa) to try and help me, but it didn’t work, we got an error every single time.
        It was always “Something went wrong
        Looks like we’ve had a technical error. Please try again.”

        Not sure why it doesn’t work, but I’ll try the method you mentioned.

        • Its mean country is not supported for card payment. As I already told you need not just a friend with card, need friend with PayPal.

  17. JakTheFifth on 25 Sep, 2019 at 15:44 said:

    I try to purchase PRO, but any of the donation buttons in the window to purchase it give out the error “Application version is outdated”
    Running 7.0.492

  18. Урааа! Спасибо огромное Винни! Я теперь столько накодирую! Самый лучший конвертер!!!

  19. i dont paying. Because yandex money is not accepted by country. Site wants start with +7
    telephone number.

    Very nice app but very bad paying system.

  20. how do i donate from uk? Could you send me your paypal email so i can send you money. every time i try to donate it comes out as mistake..

  21. Hello,
    I paid 3 months ago, version 7.x (s.b.)
    Now when I try to load XViD4PSP, I am again asked to purchase PRO.
    I could enter a .key file, to ‘Restore’ but where do I get that?

    • Start program. Don’t afraid press OK and you will see Restore PRO button. If be some reason its to complicated, just place once user.key in same folder with application and start XviD4PSP.

      • Hello,
        yes, thanks, but where do I find that user.key file?
        (invoice of 19.07. of this year.)

        I see the dialogue just fine asking for the file, but where do I get the file?

        • Copy of user.key ended to your email when PRO status created.
          If app already PRO and you can’t find email, just use top menu PRO.

          • Hello winnydows,
            does not work:
            * no email with key, PayPal invoice only
            * PRO menu at top not usable:
            When starting app, first thing is error.
            Then donation screen.
            Then ‘Restore Pro’, asking for key file. s.a. attachment.
            How or where is .key file?
            Am a little frustrated, this taking almost a month…

            • Hello winnydows,
              would you please advise?
              I bought version 7 in July of this year 2019, and I cannot use it this way.
              no email for activation!
              Invoice of PayPal exists.

              • Hi, don’t have any invoice request or activations for your email, if you get PRO for other email tell me in private Skype/telegram winnydows.

  22. neededconverter on 19 Oct, 2019 at 00:22 said:

    Ссылка из программы на пейпал не приходит.
    Пытался оплатить карточкой на яндексе – оплата не проходит.
    Видать потому, что карточка иностранная.
    Подскажите как заплатить за прогу?

    • Просто не успел выписать счета для выставленных запросов. Сейчас все отправил. Если Яндекс не проходит, то как правило только PayPal c полу-автоматической активацией.

  23. hi i have a problem with new update 8.0.91 i can’t use codec (h264 nvenc) they give this error note that i have 1050 nvidia and i update it to newest one today .. please helpppp

    • Look like your video drivers must be updated to latest versions, but I don’t have NV GPU and can’t check it.

      • i updated it to newest version and the problem not gone… this problem i get with latest version of ur product please help me.. only this h264_nvenc i got problem, also i just use this codec .

  24. Before this last update was working well and after this update no longer works the problem with the last update please help me return it as it was and thank you very much

  25. Before this last update was working well H264 NVENC and after this update no longer works the problem with the last update please help me return it as it was and thank you very much

  26. and this update not work good it is the same problem H264 NVENC please check it

  27. When I will pay/donate to you

  28. Привет! Спасибо за прекрасную программу! После нескольких перестановок ОС превышено максимальное количество активаций (одним и тем же ключом) Как быть? Возможно аннулировать все активации привязанные к ключу?

    • Конечно можно, но на ваш email зарегестрирована только одна активация (ac77* для 7й серии). Может речь о каком то другом ключе ?

  29. Xvid4PSP PRO v 7.0 informs that I have exceeded my 5 activations. I recently upgraded my computer, new processor, new SSD, new video card , plus reinstalled windows 10.

    1) how do I reactivate on the upgraded computer, which was activated before the upgrade ?

    2) how do I remove activation on my other slow computer where Xvid4PSP PRO v 7.0 still works ( but is too slow) ?

    3) how do I remove activation for computers that are not longer working?

  30. Как приобрести PRO? Ни один способ оплаты не срабатывает.

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