If you like my programs and projects you can make donations and help promote Winnydows projects in several ways:

Note: for purchase XviD4PSP PRO status and auto activation, donation must be done from application menu Purchase PRO.

If you have problems with the activation of the PRO-status, write to me in skype / telegram: winnydows.

20 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Dear Admin,

    I use Ver. 8 Build 8.0.60 Pro on windows 10 64bit
    i got some problem when i am encoding multitask and if i stop task between encoding the software was hang & stop working.
    then you again start software and load all the files again.

    kindly check why this happen and how i solve the problem.

  2. i want to donations for xvid4psp 8 pro version with paypal.

  3. Every Single time I want donate it shows : Failed to connect to port 443: Bad access.
    And also the @ simbol in the Emial Field isnt writeable by “Strg+Alt q” and neither by “alt gr + q”, only by getting it copied and pasting it.

  4. Now after several of tries this error doesnt shows 1 of 20 times… and then when I’m clicking on a option it doesn’t functionate, it shuts down and this happens always(when there’s no bad access).

  5. Oh, ok and its not the Connection, cause it isnt VPN and the Internet is fine.Hm, then i’ll use 7.0.479

  6. Can you shoot me an email for PayPal? Thank you.

  7. I want to purchase 2x Pro via Paypal. Please email me the details. Thanks.

  8. I am trying pay some days by VISA card but everytime I try I get the same error:
    Something went wrong
    Looks like we’ve had a technical error. Please try again.
    What to do?

  9. Hi
    i cant donate to buy it the version 8
    do not accept my visa
    any other solutions

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